Agrit Tiwari

Agrit Tiwari


Many new developers found it difficult to integrate github in their way of learning and often times neglect initialising a github repo. To many new devs, github documentation is a whole lot piece to digest, when they are just paving their way in the field. So, A basic set of commands that has really helped me out in setting up my work flow for the projects and slowly led me to understanding of advantages github provides in the long run, are listed here:

Create a new remote repository


Initialize your repository in the project (in Local Machine)

  git init

Select all code

 git add .

Make your first commit

 git commit -m "first commit"

These two commands documents the whole build of your project. Making commits on your local machine repository is often times neglected, but is crucial for reflecting on your learning.

When you feel like commiting to remote repository.

Copy the https link from your online repository under the code button.

 git remote add origin _paste-here_


 git remote add origin[yourUsername]/*[repoName] .git


To push your changes /update to the remote repository

 git push -u origin master

Theses commands are enough to begin you with your documented projects in the start of your journey. When you are more like handy with such commands, or get stuck in pushing unintended changes or face an unexpected error while documenting your code. Feel free to contact me or start scratching documentation.